As prepared by Peters Patchin & Associates, the cost of a simple will is just $495 for an unmarried person. That includes an initial meeting to discuss the details of whom you wish to serve as Executor and who you wish to inherit your property and possessions when you pass away, plus the follow up meeting to review, sign, witness, and notarize that Will. Between the two meetings, a printed copy of your custom-drafted Last Will and Testament will be mailed to you for review.

For a married couple who desire reciprocal Wills (which leave everything to the surviving spouse and then, when both spouses have passed away, to the children or other designated heirs), the total cost of the two Wills together is $695.

Please note, a simple Will is not adequate for those circumstances where your beneficiaries are too young or immature to receive their intended inheritance. In that circumstance, a Family Trust will usually be needed to carry out your wishes.

Daniel Patchin

Benjamin Monaghan