Free Consultation

Your initial new estate planning visit with Peters Patchin & Associates is now absolutely free with no charge for the meeting and no obligation to put them to work on your documents.

At your initial meeting to discuss a new estate plan, Barry or Daniel will evaluate your circumstances, assets, and any matters that may need special attention. They will explain all of your options – everything from a Simple Will to a complete Family Trust package – and the initial costs of each. They will also explain the long-term probate and tax consequences of each option.

Then it’s up to you:

  1. You can take that information and give it more thought. But no fees will be charged unless and until you decide to put Barry or Daniel to work on your custom-drafted documents; or
  2. You can hire Barry or Daniel to go ahead and implement the details of the plan that you have determined is right for you. In that case, whether you choose a Simple Will or a Family Trust, you will know up front exactly how much the whole process will cost. You will also know exactly how long it will take. And you’ll know exactly which documents will be included. No surprises.

Daniel Patchin

Benjamin Monaghan