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Capstone Promo Video


Capstone New and Alumni Prep: Part 1

Extra Credit: Agenda Video Links:


I. Meet your elected officials:

II. Meet your Governor:


IV. Meet the Court:




Capstone New Student Prep: Part 2


V. Tour the Capitol Building:


VI. Tour the State Offices:

  • Duties of Idaho State Officers
    • Governor
    • Lieutenant Governor
    • Secretary of State
    • State Controller
    • State Treasurer
    • Attorney General
    • Superintendent of Public Instruction

Stonesetters Prep:


I. Meet Your Elected Officials:

II. Find the Facts:

III. Tour the Capitol Building:

IV. Meet the Court:

  • Find the Justices (Click on the Names of the Supreme Court Justices on the right side or the bottom of the screen to learn about each member of the Supreme Court)