How Much do Wills Cost?

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Ever wondered just how much do Wills cost here in Idaho?

At our firm, we post our pricing prominently because we know our pricing is competitive and because doing so avoids misunderstandings. 

Here’s our pricing for a Simple Will:  For an unmarried person, a Last Will and Testament will cost $495.  For a married couple, the two Wills together will cost $695.

We encourage those who opt for a Simple Will to consider two other documents that will result in a thorough estate plan.  A General Power of Attorney allows you to designate who will handle your affairs if you become incapacitated.  And your Living Will specifies the types of medical care you desire in the event you end up in a coma with no chance of recovery.

The cost of the complete Simple Will package – Will, Power of Attorney, & Living Will – is $795 for a single person and $1,195 for a married couple. 

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