How We Can Serve Out-of-Area Clients

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One of the great advantages of the computer era is how we can serve out-of-area clients.

It used to be the case that a law firm’s service area was limited to those potential clients who resided nearby.  But no longer.

With email and other electronic options, face-to-face meetings can often be dispensed with.

We recently successfully completed a probate of an estate in Blaine County for a man who lived in California.  The Executor lives in New Zealand.  The whole process was done electronically via email and one phone call. 

So, for probates, we can easily handle matters in any county in the state of Idaho for clients who live anywhere on earth.

For estate planning, we can likewise take care of the analysis and discussion via the phone or internet.  However, it usually is required that the final signing, witnessing, notarization, and recording of documents takes place at our office in Eagle.

Having said all that, we still have a preference for face-to-face discussions with our clients.  We find them to be both enjoyable and fruitful. 

But, if that’s not possible or convenient, we can usually assist clients without them being physically present at our office


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