Here’s Our Satisfaction Guarantee

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It’s a radical concept, but here’s our Satisfaction Guarantee:  We don’t charge for our services unless you’re completely satisfied.

As lawyers, we hear two chronic complaints about lawyers.  They charge too much.  And they don’t do what was promised.

Our solution to these concerns is two practices. 

First, we provide all of our services on a fixed-fee basis.  We let you know exactly how much a task will cost before we go to work on it.  If you think a better deal is available elsewhere, you are free to explore that possibility before putting us to work.

Second, we offer a simple, explicit Satisfaction Guarantee.  No fees will be charged unless you’re completely satisfied.  No exceptions.  No fine print.  This guarantee keeps us on our toes, doing all we can to keep you satisfied. 

Together with the fixed fee practice, this guarantee virtually eliminates potential friction with clients.  And it results in our solid 5-star Google rating. 


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