How Hard is it to Change a Trust?

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How hard is it to change a trust once it’s been set up?  Not very.

It’s very common for a person to want to tinker with the details after a trust is created.  You may want to change beneficiaries, for example.  Or change the trustee who will administer the trust once you’ve passed away.

Minor changes can be made to your trust in a quick visit to our office.  Usually we just pull up the original trust.  Then we re-date it and make the changes you want.  Next you sign the new version (which states that it replaces the original trust) and we notarize your signature. 

When that’s done, we replace the old trust in your estate plan binder with the new one.

And you’re done.  The whole process usually takes about a half hour.  Cost should be in the $100 to $200 range depending on how many changes you want.

If your original trust was created by another attorney’s office, the process is more complicated and somewhat more expensive. 

But if we created the original trust, the process is quite simple and inexpensive.


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