What if I Die Without a Will?

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A person who dies without a Will most often leaves a family feud. It is sometimes stunning to discover all the disputes than can arise in the absence of a Simple Will.

Here’s why: When a person passes away without a Will, the state of Idaho will effectively create one for him or her. State law not only dictates who can be the Executor, it also spells out who is to inherit what.

And the family left behind will rarely be happy with the details that the state dictates. That regularly leads to legal warfare between the family members.

All of that is a shame since a Will is relatively inexpensive and so easy to have prepared. For example, at our office, a Last Will and Testament for an unmarried person is just $495. For a married couple, the two Wills together run just $695.

And they allow the person making the Will to decide who is to serve as Executor and who is to inherit the property, possessions, and accounts that are left behind.

That’s a small price to pay for a legacy of peace within the family.


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