Serving Out-of-Town Clients

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How difficult is it for this office to help out-of-town (or even out-of-state) clients?

The answer depends a bit on the services that are needed.

For clients who need assistance with a probate proceeding, distance is not a difficulty. This office recently helped a client from New Zealand who needed help with the estates of a mother and an uncle who had passed away. The proceedings involved were half way across the state in Blaine County.

Since probate usually does not require a court hearing, we are able to serve probate clients from around the globe and we can take care of such proceedings in every county of the state.

For clients who wish for us to prepare an estate plan (a Will or a Trust), it is necessary for the client to meet with us here in our office in Eagle to review and sign the needed documents. But the initial discussion to determine what documents and what provisions are needed can take place either via telephone or via computer interactions. With that in mind, we routinely serve estate planning clients from as far north as McCall and as far east as Twin Falls.

Please give us a call at (208) 939-2600 to see if we can help you with your estate planning or probate needs.


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