How Difficult are Changes to Your Trust?

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Is it a lot of trouble to modify a Family Trust after one has been established?

For those trusts that our office initially prepared, it’s no trouble at all.

After you make an appointment, when you come in and we’ve discussed that changes that you’d like (usually involving changing your beneficiaries or your successor trustees), we simply pull your original document up on our computer, create a duplicate, make the desired changes, re-date it, and then you’re ready to sign and notarize. All done!

Usually the whole visit takes about a half hour. Cost should normally be about $150 for the whole process.

For those trusts that were not originally created in our office, the process is more time-consuming and expensive since we don’t have the existing document to modify. Instead, we will need to create a separate Trust Amendment Agreement. Cost for that is normally $425.

Or, if the trust you had prepared elsewhere is lengthier and more complicated than you like, you may elect to have us simplify and shorten your existing trust. That can usually be accomplished for just $895.


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