Cost of Family Trust Package?

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Once the tremendous advantages of a Family Trust are understood, the next question is how much will one cost? And are the benefits worth the expense.

As you may have seen on our Pricing page, we offer our complete Family Trust packages for a fixed fee of just $1,495 for a person who is not married or $1,895 for a married couple.

Here’s what all is included in those prices:
• Family Trust Agreement
• Last Will & Testaments
• General Powers of Attorney (Financial & Medical)
• Living Wills
• Deed to move your home into the trust
• Affidavit Regarding Residence of Trust (to retain your homeowners exemption for property taxes)

As you can see, our packages include everything that will be needed to create and implement your Family Trust.

The only potential additional expenses apply in the event you own out-of-state properties (at a cost $295 per property) or if you own more than three pieces of Idaho real estate (at a cost of $100 per additional property). Absent either of those add-ons, the total cost of your complete Family Trust Package will be just $1,495 or $1,895, depending on whether or not you’re married.


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